A little bit about me

🎉 Elliot’s Mostly Fun Facts


⓵ I am a first-generation college student working on my PhD in sociology.

⓶ My favorite hobby is riding my bike anywhere and everywhere it will take me.

⓷ I am queer and non-binary; my pronouns are they/them/theirs.

⓸ My favorite desert animal is the Javelina (whose closest relative is the hippopotamus!).

⓹ My favorite time of day is the golden hour.

⓺ I have a cat named Tomatillo, another cat named Miso Soup, and a puppy named Graham Cracker. Yes, I like food. 😋

📌 Current Work

I work at the University of Arizona School of Sociology as a teaching assistant for Dr. Jennifer Earl. Check out my experience page for details about my prior work—including my 7 years of industry experience in business, insurance, and civic technology prior to attending graduate school—and my scholarship page for a quick look at my on-going research projects and collaborations. Please be in touch if you’d like a copy of my CV.