🌱 Elliotiversary.


A little late, but I couldn’t let August 26th pass without celebrating what I’ve decided to call my Elliotiversary! It’s been 1 year since I welcomed everyone into my world as a fuller version of me. To celebrate, I recorded a 1 min video to say thank you and followed it up with a 1-min version of a larger video I sent to friends and family before publicly changing my name. I hope you’ll watch/listen to them both (tbh my voice change alone is worth it). 🦋

Here’s a 1-minute video recorded today, 08/26/2020:

And here’s a 1-minute video from 08.25.2019:

Trans people exist. We are not a burden. We are beautiful. We deserve space to become. We do not have to co-sign the loan we’re offered on a half life.

Left: 01.24, 2020 // Right: 08.20, 2020, 7 months on HRT
7.5 months on HRT ft. quarantine hair

Among all the things that are true about this journey, one sticks out to me most: trans people are denied and learn to deny themselves the fullest life possible. There is more than anxiety, spiraling questions, dysphoria, uncertainty, decades of wondering what if? The grass is greener on the other side. Maybe that doesn’t look like changing your name, using different pronouns, hormone therapy, or gender affirming surgery. Maybe it does.

There are an infinite number of ways to be transgender because there are an infinite number of ways to be you. Each one is good, each one is worthy of love, but the best one is the one that makes you look at yourself and say, “Ah, yes. There I am.”

Thank you for being part of my journey! You are loved. You are needed. You are more than the universe can hold in the palm of their hand and damn…that’s pretty cool. Love to you, friends, and endless gratitude to my sweetest love, Tali Rose. 🌹🦋

x. Elliot

💙 💗 🤍 💗 💙

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