✈️ 2018 Travels

📍 Places I visited in 2018:

2018 brought so many adventures and I’m grateful to have had the financial, social, and emotional freedom to have enjoyed them all. Can’t wait to see what 2019 brings!

✅ Denver, CO | February 2018: Made a quick trip to Denver on my way to San Francisco and stayed the most beautiful hotel room I’ve ever been in. Even splurged for in-room massage and spa service (10/10 recommend). 🏔️

✅ San Francisco, CA | February, March 2018: I had the opportunity to visit some colleagues, attend the Lesbians Who Tech Summit, and spend some time in northern California for my birthday! 🎈

✅ New York City, NY | April, July, September 2018: 2018 involved a few trips to NYC to see family, get some face time with colleagues, enjoy The Wing SoHo, attend a wedding, and see Hamilton! ⭐️

✅ Richmond, VA | May 2018: My partner and I spent Memorial Day weekend in the company of the dear and darling friend who introduced us. We both really love Richmond and can imagine ourselves having thrived there in another life. 💖

✅ Boston, MAJune 2018: In June, my partner’s cousin got married and I got to go to my first Jewish (gay!) wedding. The ceremony was so beautiful and I even learned a thing or two! 🤵🏼🤵🏻

✅ Nags Head, NC | July 2018: My family travels to the Outer Banks (OBX) every other year. In 2018, we stayed in Nags Head and I managed to not get sunburnt even once. 🏖

✅ Detroit, MI | July 2018: I visited Detroit for the first time to attend the Power of Pink conference. I attended as a volunteer with Planned Parenthood Metropolitan Washington. 💪

✅ Morgantown, WV | August 2018: I tagged along with my partner while she taught young people about the power of using data to improve organizing efforts and outcomes. Loved spending a few days in the WV mountains. 🌄

✅ Asheville, NC | September 2018: Road Trip Stop #1! My partner and I drove 1400 miles south east over the course of a 9-day road trip, ultimately bound for Miami. We enjoyed the Shoji Spa, Battery Park Book Exchange, and so much more! 🚗 ⛰️

✅ Charleston, SC | September 2018: Road Trip Stop #2! We made a 2-day stop in beautiful Charleston for the second leg of our road trip adventures. A good friend set us up with some amazing recommendations and we enjoyed exploring. That said, we both agreed we did not take pleasure in being white tourists in a place with such a critical and horrific history of slavery, racism, and injustice.  🚗 🏡

✅ Orlando, FL | September 2018: Road Trip Stop #3! No lies, we went to Orlando for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and all the magic that came with it. I am currently reading the Harry Potter books for the first time and had a great time experiencing the “real” thing in person! 🚗 ⚡

✅ Miami, FL | September 2018:  Road Trip Stop #4! We made our way down to Miami to visit my partner’s grandfather who turned 100 years old in 2018. We spent some time at the Wynwood Walls and stayed in the President Hotel. 🚗 💯

✅ Baltimore, MD | November 2018: I don’t live exceptionally far from Baltimore, but I also don’t travel there too often. In November, my partner and I attended the wedding of some dear friends and got to celebrate their love! 🦀

✅ Philadelphia, PA | November 2018: We headed to Philly for the 3rd (count them – three!) wedding in her family in 2018. Our first trip to Philly together culminated in an I love you, and we were especially excited to celebrate some family love as well. 💍

✅ Finger Lakes, NY | November 2018: We traveled to Watkins Glen, NY to visit the darling Ginger Cat Bed & Breakfast and celebrated Thanksgiving early with Farm Sanctuary‘s Celebration for the Turkeys. 🦃

✅ Stanardsville, VA | December 2018: My partner and I traveled to the middle of nowhere with two of our best friends to spend the very end of 2018 relaxing in a Getaway house! 10/10 would recommend! 🎉

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